Feeling Blue on a Day That’s Red?

by Marni Andrews

Warning: Read this only if you’re single, alone and feeling bad about your love life.

Toronto, Ontario  Feb. 9 – If you are single and experiencing a shortage of love, read on. Life is about to get better. On February 14, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day in case you have somehow missed the hype, your new life will begin. And it will be much better than what has come before because this time you’ll be following a plan: The Conscious Dating Plan.

Through the use of ‘Conscious Dating’ tools and techniques, you can simply and easily tap into your core value system. This will spur you to make sensible and sound relationship choices for the romantic life you’ve always dreamed of.

Frankie Doiron, a Certified Master Relationship Coach who was the lynchpin behind the successful ‘Get a Relationship Challenge’ that ran in one of Toronto’s largest daily newspapers last year, teaches singles how to find the relationship of their dreams. She is also the President of the Relationship Coaching Network, an international group promoting Relationship Coaching to singles, couples, and helping professionals.

“Modern relationships can be confusing: the old dating and mating rules that applied a generation or two ago no longer work.  Singles need a roadmap for successful love matches. We can make sure they get it,” Doiron says.

To begin your new love life, register for the ‘Becoming Irresistible’ relationship workshop on February 17 that is all about consciously connecting with your personal best self in love. If you can’t make that date because you’re washing the floor or cleaning out your sock drawer, try the 4-week Tele-Class for singles that you can attend from the privacy of your home. To start you off early, work the following Get Ready for Love Suggestions into your daily routine. Your future love partner will be glad you did!

Frankie’s top ten tips for singles: (She is available for interviews.)

  1. Start anew – Valentine’s Day can be your New Year’s resolution day for all elements of a year of new love!
  2. If you dream of a happy romantic relationship, realize it takes commitment, effort and planning.  Apply the same principles to a love search that you would use for a job search.
  3. Identify any ‘baggage’ that holds you back from the relationship you truly want. What are the areas in your life you need to change to meet love on love’s terms? Your financial life? Your fitness? Is your emotional state ready?
  4. Sit down and honestly assess your relationship ‘readiness’ skills. Map out some of your top values.
  5. It all starts with a positive attitude and happiness. Live your life as a successful single – don’t put your life on hold while you wait for your partner to show up. Have fun!
  6. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to celebrate life and love.  Book a day at the spa and pamper yourself. Or spend time with a friend or relative who loves you unconditionally. You deserve it!
  7. Take some risks. Smile; engage in conversation with strangers wherever you are. You may be surprised at how good you feel.
  8. Recognize opportunities. Say yes if you might normally say no!
  9. Take the initiative, invite someone out.  If making a Valentine’s date seems too serious, aim for the 13th or 15th.
  10. Organize a dinner with other singles or a singles Valentine’s Bash and go dancing. Celebrate being single – enjoy it!

For more information or to make reservations, call Frankie at 905-453-7451 or visit www.frankiedoiron.com.

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