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Troll Tales offers expertise in natural organic foodservice hospitality copywriting, as well as general editing and research.

Marni Andrews was born and raised in the Niagara farm belt but also lived in Florida for a number of years. She has an M.A. in Journalism from Western University and a B.A. in Communications from Florida Atlantic University.

Her less formal education has consisted of curiosity for the world and for good food, prepared as naturally as possible. She has travelled to 20 countries.

Writing & Editing

Good writing is clear yet imaginative. While it is clarity that remains with a reader, it is an imaginative style that draws the reader in.

Editing is the icing on the cake of a well-written piece. Without good editing (whether proofreading and/or substantive editing involving overall flow), the cake will be unfinished and will not have the impact (or possibly even the full intent) of an edited piece. Good editing is invisible yet a comparative of before and after will show readily the amount of work that can be involved.

Marni’s clear yet imaginatively written and well edited content and copywriting includes web copy, articles, profiles, blogs, columns and ghostwriting that have appeared in (or on) Agein.com, Beauty Blitz, Canadian Lodging News, Canadian Gardening, Five New Friends, Metro Today, Montreal Gazette, National Post, Ontario Restaurant News, Organic & Wellness News, Pets Quarterly, The Pompano Monday Paper and Style at Home among other publications and websites. A complete list is on the Clients page.

Her writing includes a diverse range of subjects such as animals, antiques, beauty, business, construction and home renovation, finance, fitness, food, gardening, health and wellness, hotels, insurance, interior design, liquor, organics, restaurants and bars, and travel. She has launched four publications, edited six and been a contributing columnist for three.


The truth is in the details but they are not always easy to find. Whether it’s background facts for an illuminating profile, the statistics that make a white paper sing, miscellaneous anecdotes for a travel website, or the sales data to support an industry feature, Troll Tales research will surprise you with what you didn’t know.


A love of travel and an insatiable curiosity have taken Marni to 20 countries. She spent a dozen years in Florida alone, all of which contributes to her work. She particularly enjoys shooting seascapes, botanicals and architectural details. Clear colours and pristine light infuse her photography. A hallmark of her photos is “the picture that tells a story.”

Her Jamaican beach study “Rose Hall” was selected for juried exhibit in Key West, FL. She has had exhibitions in Key West, FL; Orange Beach, AL; Oxford, MS; and in Toronto, ON. Her photos are available as matted and signed prints on request.


Marni has launched four successful publications: one consumer and three trade. Topics ranged from antiques/collectibles to the bar and restaurant industry to lodging. She is available for consultation for existing publications or new projects. Her emphasis is journalistic credibility merged with aesthetic appeal.

Antiques! was published bimonthly for four years. The readership was a combination of newsstand and subscription. It was created as the only high-end Canadian periodical reporting on the antiques and collectibles industry. It was distributed across Canada and in the northeastern U.S. One reader noted, “This is the most informative magazine I have ever purchased.” Circulation was 10,000.

Patron Magazine was created for a major brewery as a vehicle to reach its core audience. The target audience was owners and operators of licensed establishments who wanted information on increasing profits and general tips on running a bar/restaurant. It was created in conjunction with Counter Culture magazine (see below). The magazines were published bimonthly for five years. Circulation was 40,000.

Counter Culture Magazine was created for a major brewery as a vehicle to reach its core audience. The target audience was staff (bartenders, servers, back of house) of licensed establishments who wanted information on surviving in the business. Counter Culture was created in conjunction with Patron magazine (see above) but was much more edgy and moody in look and tone as befit its audience. The magazines were published bimonthly for five years. Circulation was 30,000.

Canadian Lodging News was created as the first national lodging news tabloid in Canada. Its target audience is hotel/motel/resort chains and independent establishments and contingent suppliers across the country and into some of the U.S. In its first year, Lodging News was published quarterly; this was increased to bimonthly in the second year.

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