Nestle Indoor Family Picnic

(Nestle Carnation Ontario Family Fun Guide)
by Marni Andrews

Indoor family Picnic

Start a new family tradition with indoor picnicking.

Spread out a washable blanket or quilt and surround it with pillows.

To set the mood, try to find a CD of outdoor sounds such as insects, water running, birds, etc. Not so long ago a picnic wasn’t a picnic unless you had cold fried chicken and potato salad. If you want to start a new trend and involve the kids with preparation, why not cut sandwiches into fun shapes with cookie cutters?

Make juice in a big plastic jug and add plastic cups and plastic cutlery.

Finger food is the necessity here, so think cupcakes, dill pickles and bite-sized sandwiches to complete your indoor picnic.

Sunday Hot Chocolate Sundae Bar

How do you turn yet another dreary, cold afternoon into something warm and wonderful for you and your family?

Make a movie event extra special with a hot chocolate sundae bar.

Fill big mugs or deep bowls half full with steaming Carnation® hot chocolate, add a scoop of ice cream and let the kids go at it with a selection of fun sundae toppings i.e., bananas, Smarties®, Kit Kat® and Rolo® pieces and some coloured sprinkles, and we’re pretty sure you’ve got a winner on your hands!

Quick Tip:

For an extra-rich, creamy mug of Carnation Hot Chocolate try making it with milk instead of water.

Hot chocolate made with a ½ cup of milk will provide extra calcium, an important nutrient for strong bones and teeth!